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How Can Water Affect Your Foundation?

Last updated 6 years ago


In the majority of cases, keeping your foundation relatively dry and away from moisture is a major priority for homeowners. Regardless of how well-built your home’s foundation is, water in the soil outside of your home can drastically alter the strength and shape of the foundation over time. Here’s a look at how water can affect your home’s foundation.

Foundations are designed to support your home throughout changes in soil composition. However, drastic changes in the amount of moisture can alter soil composition so much that your foundation may be adversely affected. North Texas is known for having very expansive soil, which means that the soil is reactive to changing levels of moisture. When the soil is really dry, it shrinks and pulls away from the foundation. When it is moist, it expands and can push against the foundation. This constant flux of expansion and contraction can put a lot of stress on your foundation, causing it to bow or crack over time.

Changes in the moisture content of the soil below your home can also cause some changes. Soil below your foundation expands and contracts at a different rate than the soil at the surface since it is less exposed to heat and sunlight. Uneven moisture distribution can cause shifting and settling in your foundation, which can also lead to cracking and damage throughout the foundation and the home.

Finally, moisture can also physically erode your foundation. Too much moisture can wear away at your concrete foundation, causing water infiltration, leaking, and cracking. This is the most common cause of foundation damage throughout the country and even affects foundations that are not built in expansive soil.

To learn more about how water affects your home’s foundation, and how foundation repair services can protect your home, contact Structured Foundation Repairs, Inc. We specialize in drainage correction and foundation repairs that can keep your foundation safe and strong. Call (972) 484-1200 to learn more.


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