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What Will Happen if I Don't Repair My Damaged Foundation?

Last updated 6 years ago


Foundation damage can be caused by many different factors, including expansive soil and poor drainage. Regardless of the cause of your foundation problems, repairing your home’s foundation promptly is essential to ensuring that your home is protected from future foundation problems and failures. Here’s a look at some of the issues you may run into if you do not have your damaged foundation professionally repaired.

  1. Cracking Walls
    As your foundation settles more and more unevenly, your home’s frame may start to become warped or uneven. This can cause settling cracks to develop throughout the inside and outside of your home. While you can cover these cracks with plaster or mortar, they will eventually reappear as much larger, more troubling gaps throughout the structure.
  1. Stuck Doors and Windows
    Another problem caused by a settling foundation is the inability to use doors and windows properly. A bending home frame causes window and door frames to warp. This can make opening and closing your doors and windows difficult or downright impossible.
  1. Damaged Plumbing and Electrical Systems
    Your home’s plumbing and electrical systems contain components that are built into your foundation. As your foundation shifts, your plumbing and electrical components may become strained and bent, ultimately leading to pipe and line breakages, increased likelihood of clogs, or damaged electrical components.
  1. Lower Home Value
    Finally, a damaged foundation can dramatically lower the value of your home. Foundation damage is considered a serious structural problem with your home, and can deter potential buyers or make all the time and money you’ve invested in your property totally worthless. An unaddressed foundation problem could lead to complete foundation failure and the loss of the whole house or building. Foundation repairs can help your home retain its value and put you and your potential buyers at ease.

For more information on the importance of foundation repair, contact the Dallas-Fort Worth area’s premier foundation repair and drain correction service: Structured Foundation Repairs, Inc. Visit us online or call (972) 484-1200.


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