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Types of Foundation Damage

Last updated 6 years ago

There are a few different factors that can cause foundation damage, and the signs are often very similar. In areas where the soil is expansive, or prone to movement with changes in moisture, home foundations can begin to show stress. Foundation repairs will be based upon how the foundation damage originated and the soil conditions around a home.

One of the first signs of stress and potential damage to a home's foundation is cracking in the walls inside and outside of a home, such as the separation of mortar between bricks. Homeowners may also notice that door frames seem to change shape so that doors no longer fit correctly. These changes may be seasonal, depending upon the moisture in the air and ground.


A common way for foundations to become damaged is if the soil underneath the home compresses, and fails to support the weight of the slab any longer. The weight of the slab itself will cause it to buckle or sink. This can happen in any part of the foundation, but is commonly seen in the corners of a home. As with almost any foundation damage, this will also cause cracks and compromise the integrity of your home’s support structure.


When the soil underneath the home expands with excess moisture, it can cause the foundation to heave. This means that portions of the concrete slab rise higher than level, causing damage to supports and cracks in your walls. A home can experience a combination of heaving or sinking in different areas depending upon soil conditions.

Typically, changing soil conditions won't necessarily cause foundation damage if they happen across the entire foundation area. Issues arise when excess moisture or dryness occurs over more localized regions, causing sinking or heaving of only part of the foundation.

An inspection can help identify what type of damage your home is facing, and what type of foundation repairs are appropriate. Structured Foundation Repairs, Inc. can help your home get back on the level with our inspection and repair services. Visit our website, or contact us at (972) 484-1200 for additional information.


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