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Benefits of Watering Your Foundation

Last updated 6 years ago

Hot summers in areas with dry climates, such as Texas, quickly cause the evaporation of moisture from the soil. As a result, the moisture-absorbent dirt beneath your home shrivels and shrinks, putting your entire property at risk for damage. This overview of foundation watering and drainage correction explores why keeping your soil in good shape is such a great investment.

  • Protects Entire Property: Foundation settlement causes visible damage to your entire home. Settling walls can develop deep, extensive cracks, and these imperfections can also appear on ceilings and decorative wall trims. Additionally, foundation settlement threatens your home with structural damage. A shifting foundation disturbs the stability of walls, beams, and piers. Any damage to these important sections of your home can eventually lead to a devastating collapse. Foundation watering addresses these issues by keeping the soil near your home hydrated and stable.
  • Saves You Money: The impacts of foundation settlement damage are extremely severe. Even worse, the repair costs for these damages are very high. Even the cost of insurance company premiums can put a burden on your family’s finances. The affordable cost of foundation watering is a great deal compared to the cost of repairing multiple structural supports in your home. After all, the most cost-effective way to deal with home repair problems is to stop them from happening in the first place.
  • Helps Home Retain Resale Value: A history of home foundation problems could turn interested buyers away from your property. Regular foundation watering ensures that your home stays free of foundation problems and remains an attractive option on the home market. Make an investment in your home’s future value by preventing foundation problems today.

The pros at Structured Foundation Repairs, Inc. can provide your Fort Worth home with a full suite of seasonal foundation watering and drainage corrections. Let us protect your foundation and your home from improper moisture control with a call to (972) 484-1200.


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