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How Heat Can Affect Your Foundation

Last updated 6 years ago

Most DFW homeowners are well aware of the dangers that moisture can pose to their home’s foundation. However, few homeowners remember that high heat can be detrimental to foundations as well. This overview of foundation repair in high heat can help you protect your home from stability issues.

  • Soil Gaps: The moisture levels of soil have a huge impact on a home’s year-round stability—a harsh summer or surprise heat wave can sap the moisture directly from underground layers of soil. Soil with high clay content, such as the soil commonly found beneath Forth Worth homes, is especially vulnerable to fluctuating moisture levels. High heat causes clay soils to contract and create excessive space around your home’s foundation. Unfortunately, this soil shrinkage spells repair problems for both slab and pier and beam foundations.
  • Foundation Movement: Your foundation remains in place thanks to the hard packed soil that surrounds its borders. Shifting and shrinking soil, however, compromise your foundation’s ability to sit flush with its surroundings. This looseness of soil also makes a foundation more likely to experience water intrusion, as the mix of open space and new cracks from settling can make your foundation significantly more vulnerable to leaks.
  • Interior Damage: Settling foundations can cause serious damage throughout the home. As the foundation shifts, a home’s walls shift with it and can crack as a result. The extra space that results from soil shrinkage can also allow the entire foundation to splinter and crack. As a result, homeowners may see extreme damage to their roof and plumbing during seasons of high heat.

Sweltering Texas temperatures can result in significant damage to your foundation and throughout your home. Keep your living space protected and your foundation sound by calling Structured Foundation Repairs, Inc. in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area at (972) 484-1200. Our foundation repair experts can help keep your home stable all season long.


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