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3 Easy Ways to Prevent Home Foundation Damage

Last updated 5 years ago

The entire weight of your home rests on its foundation, and any damage to this foundation can lead to expensive and potentially dangerous structural problems. Taking steps to prevent foundation damage now can help you avoid costly repairs in the future. Here some ways you can protect your home from foundation damage:

Install a Drainage System
Water is one of the leading causes of foundation damage. During rainstorms, certain types of clay soil absorb excess water and expand, which can exert pressure on your foundation. When the soil dries out, it contracts, and the foundation settles back into the suddenly empty space. To prevent this constant expansion and contraction, install drains that direct water away from your home. French drains are a popular, effective choice.

Grade Your Yard
The area immediately surrounding the exterior base of your home should be higher than the surrounding ground so that water flows downhill and away. Faulty initial construction or improperly graded home additions often cause drainage problems and actually encourage water to flow toward your home. This not only causes mold to grow in the affected areas, but it can also result in foundation damage.

Clean Your Rain Gutters
Even if your home is properly graded and equipped with a sump pump or French drains, rain can seep into the soil surrounding your foundation if you do not clear your gutters. Leaves and other debris can clog the downspout, causing water to overflow in the gutter and run down the walls of your home. This water will eventually enter the ground and soil near the foundation, causing potential damage.

Unfortunately, not all foundation damage is preventable. Only a skilled foundation repair contractor can correct faults with the initial design and construction of your home. If you notice any signs of foundation damage in your home, contact Structured Foundation Repairs, Inc.  by calling (972) 484-1200. We provide foundation repair and drainage solutions to both home and business owners.



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