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    What is a Pier and Beam Foundation?

    Last updated 7 years ago

    There are many different types of foundations used for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. But one of the most popular foundation designs today is the pier and beam foundation. Pier and beam foundations provide a number of advantages for homeowners interested in new construction or foundation repair. Take a look at how pier and beam foundations work and what their advantages are:

    • Pier and beam foundations are constructed with three primary components. First, a reinforced concrete footing is buried deep underground, which anchors the entire foundation of the building in the ground to prevent shifting in volatile soils. Next, piers are constructed and attached to the footing. Piers are typically made from concrete or brick, and are similar to pilings used in other types of construction. The piers come out of the ground and support beams, which are directly connected to the floor joists beneath your flooring.
    • There are several advantages to having a pier and beam foundation. These structures perform better in areas with dry soil. The footings are buried deep underground, so they are unaffected by changes in the soil at surface level. This ensures your home will stay very stable. Another advantage to pier and beam foundations is that homeowners have easy access to electrical and plumbing components that would otherwise get buried under a concrete slab foundation. This makes repairs easier and less expensive. 
    • Many homeowners also find pier and beam foundations aesthetically pleasing. These foundations sit 20-30 inches above ground level, making the homes they support look bigger. Homes with pier and beam foundations don’t have basements and typically have crawlspaces that can be accessed from the home’s exterior.

    To learn more about the benefits of pier and beam foundations, installation, or repair, contact Structured Foundation Repairs. We specialize in all types of foundation repair services, including press pilings, pier and beam foundations, and mudjacking. Call (972) 484-1200 for more information.

    Questions You Should ask Your Foundation Specialist

    Last updated 7 years ago

    If your home’s foundation has been damaged, then it’s important to communicate effectively with your foundation specialists to ensure you understand what work needs to be performed. There are a number of questions and concerns to discuss with your foundation contractor before repair begins. Here are three questions to ask when getting your foundation repaired.

    1. What caused the damage to my foundation?

    Foundation damage can occur for several different reasons, which is why it’s important for your foundation repair company to determine the cause of damage before construction begins. To prevent similar damage from recurring, foundation fixes can do more than simply repair existing damage. Identifying the source of the foundation damage can help prevent future foundation problems and ensure an effective repair. 

    2. What type of warranty do you offer with your repair service?

    Like any professional work you have done to your home, foundation repairs should always come with a guarantee of repair materials and workmanship. Never work with a company that isn’t willing to stand behind its products—always ask for the warranty information ahead of time so you can review it and ask questions before repairs begin. Be sure to ask about warranties for both the foundation materials and installation.

    3. How long will the repair take?

    While typical repairs usually take just one to two days, certain repairs can take much longer. The length of the repair will vary depending on the severity of foundation damage, the type of repairs and materials needed, and other factors such as weather. If a foundation repair company is hesitant to give you a time estimate, then consider looking for another foundation contractor.

    For the best foundation repair services in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, contact the foundation specialists at Structured Foundation Repairs. We specialize in all types of foundation repair services including pier and beam installation, mudjacking, and drainage correction. Call (972) 484-1200 for more information.

    Structured Foundation Repair on Kudzu!

    Last updated 7 years ago

    Our foundation problems were so severe it took us 10+ years to find someone even willing to take a risk on us. Working with a structural engineer, they came up with a unique and effective solution. Even though there were no guarantees in the beginning, they even ended up giving us a warranty. Over a year later they still make scheduled visits to... More
    A. Cole

    Structured Foundation Review on Kudzu!

    Last updated 7 years ago

    Structured Foundation was fantastic from start to finish. When first starting the process, they were the first company contacted. After getting several quotes from about four different companies, we decided to go with Structured Foundation. When I had questions, they were always available and willing to answer even prior to being hired for the job.... More
    Gabe, Plano, TX

    Protecting Your Foundation With Proper Lawn Grade

    Last updated 7 years ago

    A well-built foundation may last for decades, but excess groundwater can cripple even the most structurally sound homes. Preventing excess water from entering your home’s foundation is extremely important to avoiding a number of foundation related problems, including rot, basement leaks, and corrosion.

    This video has some helpful tips on keeping your foundation in great shape. You’ll learn about ways to keep excess water from coming into contact with your foundation, as well as how to make your foundation resistant to moisture.

    At Structured Foundation Repairs, we help homeowners and businesses repair and protect their foundations from future damage using highly effective solutions like mudjacking, pier and beam installation, and drainage correction. Call (972) 484-1200 to learn more about our foundation repair services.

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