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    Ways to Protect your Homes Foundation

    Last updated 7 years ago

    During the summer time, the composition of the clay soil around your home changes drastically. While building on clay is completely safe, proper precautions need to be met to ensure your home’s foundation is not damaged due to expansive clay soil. The most effective way to prevent this type of foundation damage is to water your home’s foundation. Here’s how watering your foundation can retain your foundation’s structural integrity.

    • What Causes Damage to the Foundation?

    This summer has been one of the hottest and driest in recent history, so many homeowners are experiencing the effects of dry soil worse than ever before. As soil dries up, it also contracts and releases pressure from your home’s foundation. This causes your home to sink, shift, or settle into the ground, which can lead to extensive foundation damage. Signs of foundation damage include cracks in interior or exterior walls, across the foundation itself, or along your driveway and sidewalk.

    • How Can Homeowners Guard Against Dry Weather?

    To prevent the soil around your foundation from becoming excessively dry, water your foundation regularly. This maintains moisture around the foundation and will help you avoid intrusive foundation repairs. There are several ways to implement a watering program around your foundation: One solution is to run a sprinkler hose around your home, but not directly against the foundation. Even spraying the ground around the foundation using a normal garden hose and nozzle is sufficient. For a more permanent solution, consider installing an underground foundation watering system. Your foundation repair specialist will be able to help you decide which of these options is best for your home and foundation.

    To learn more about foundation repair and maintenance, contact Structured Foundation Repairs. We provide the Dallas-Fort Worth area with high-quality foundation repair services including mudjacking, pier and beam installation, drainage correction, and much more. Call (972) 484-1200 or visit us online for more information on our repair and maintenance services.

    Drought Causes Havoc with Texas Foundations

    Last updated 7 years ago

    Forty plus days over 100 degrees with little or no rain is causing havoc with foundations across Texas. The predominant soil type in Texas is clay. Clay, an expansive soil, swells or shrinks depending on how much moisture is present. When the weather gets hot and dry, the clay soil shrinks causing foundations to settle. When foundations settle beyond seasonal norms, they need to be raised and supported with piers (concrete or steel pilings).

    What can homeowners do to prevent foundation settlement?

    A homeowner's only line of defense against foundation settlement is to maintain the moisture content around their foundation as consistently as possible. That means a controlled watering program and proper drainage. As conditions around homes vary, it is important for homeowners to pay attention to which areas get more direct sunlight and which areas are more shaded as watering requirements will differ in those areas. It may be necessary to augment a controlled watering program with hand watering and possibly a soaker hose.

    What happens if a foundation gets too much water?

    While a controlled watering program is essential in helping to prevent foundation settlement, it is equally important to make sure there is proper drainage around your foundation. If there are areas around the foundation where water does not drain away immediately, the clay soil in those areas can swell more than the areas where the water drains away properly, heaving can occur. Foundation heaving is the opposite of foundation settlement as the swelling clay soil pushes the foundation upward. To prevent heaving conditions, it may be necessary to install Surface or French drains.

    Call the foundation and drainage specialists, Structured Foundation Repairs, for a free, comprehensive analysis of your foundation. They will be able to identify if you need foundations repairs, drainage correction, or if the foundation is performing as intended.

    Structured Foundation Customer Review! Call us Today! (972) 484-1200

    Last updated 5 years ago

    • on Structured Foundation Repair Online
    • The Estimator Rodney was very pleasant, polite and flexible. He gave good, honest opinions and was knowledgeable. I paid over the phone and the process was easy. The Office Staff was polite and efficient. Communication was excellent. Jerimi and his crew were very nice. They worked efficiently and left the property the way they found it (minus... More

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    Last updated 7 years ago

    For more information on identifying problems with your foundation and foundation repair services, check out these helpful online resources. Call Structured Foundation Repairs, Inc. at (972) 484-1200 for more answers to your foundation repair questions.

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    Structured Foundation Customer Review! Call us Today! (972) 484-1200

    Last updated 5 years ago

    • on Structured Foundation Repair Online
    • The Estimator, Greg was courteous, trustworthy and very helpful. The Office Staff was very friendly when I got a call about our appointment. The Crew was very wonderful and very hard-working. Jeremy spent time to help me understand the work. I appreciated this very much. He clearly managed the job well. The crew cleaned up wonderfully and took... More


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