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    Structured Foundation Customer Review! Call us Today! (972) 484-1200

    Last updated 5 years ago

    • on Structured Foundation Repair Online
    • The Surveyor was professional and informative regarding the measurements and repair process. The Office Staff was always very helpful. The Crew was very nice and respectful, they didn't have any issues and they did a nice job of cleaning up after the installation of the piers. Thanks for being fast, reliable and professional. Overall it was a... More


    Structured Foundation Customer Review! Call us Today! (972) 484-1200

    Last updated 5 years ago

    • on Structured Foundation Repair Online
    • My experience with Randy, the estimator was that he was professional, very informative, and available. The Office Staff was cordial, professional and timely. The Crew was timely, on task/focused and organized. Chris was helpful by keeping me informed and elaborating on drainage issues. Overall they were a great crew. I will certainly recommend... More

      Sharon B.

    Structured Foundation Controlled Watering Program

    Last updated 7 years ago

    It’s summertime in Texas, which means it's time to start watering that foundation! During persistent hot, dry weather, it may be necessary to water your foundation as much as once a day. The amount of water required to keep your foundation stable during the summer months can be surprisingly large. Did you know that a single large tree can remove as much as 150 gallons of water from the soil each day? By keeping the moisture content of the soil under the house constant, foundation movement can often be stopped. Structured Foundation Repairs has written this article to assist the homeowner in performing a simple preventative maintenance program.

    "The goal of a watering program is to maintain a constant level of moisture in the soil under your house. The best way to water is to place a soaker hose from one to two feet from the edge of the foundation. Placing the hose a short distance from the foundation allows the water to soak into the soil evenly. The hose should not be placed against the foundation. When soul has dried and cracked, water can travel along the cracks for several feet in all directions. If the soil around your foundation is dried and cracked, then water placed next to the foundation will run through the crack and accumulate at the bottom of the grade beam (the thick portion of the foundation that is under the exterior walls). In some cases, an accumulation of water in the soil, at the base of a foundation can cause the soil to lose some of its load-bearing capacity. If the soil loses enough load-bearing capacity, the house will sink into the ground. Watering should supply enough water to keep the moisture content in the soul under the foundation constant. If the amount of water applied is only enough to keep the surface damp, the watering program will not work."

    For more information on this and other ways to protect your foundation, call Structured Foundation Repairs today! (972) 484-1200, or visit us online at

    Structured Foundation Repair Customer Review! Call us Today! (972) 484-1200

    Last updated 5 years ago

    • on Structured Foundation Repair Online
    • My experience with the estimator was excellent, the office staff was always polite and kept me informed. The crew, Robert and Jerimi were top-notch, problem arose and they always had a plan and discussed with me. Overall, excellent job, looks beautiful! I would definitely feel comfortable referring Structured Foundation to a friend.


    Benefits of French Drains

    Last updated 7 years ago

    Ground water traveling under your foundation can lead to a number of long-term issues. If you’re experiencing basement flooding, foundation damage, or rainwater drainage issues, then drainage correction may be the best solution for your home. One commonly used form of drainage correction is the French drain.

    • Design. French Drains are very simple solutions to your drainage problems. French drains are essentially trenches filled with gravel and perforated piping. Holes in the drainage pipe allow moisture in the ground to collect in the pipe and be carried away by gravity to a sump or to another part of the property or possibly to the street. This keeps water from traveling under your home’s foundation.  Some properties are sufficiently protected with only one French drain, while others may require several.
    • Installation. French drains are used for drainage correction in a number of different scenarios. Shallow French drains can be used for diverting surface water that collects on your lawn. This keeps your lawn from becoming muddy and soggy. Deep French drains can be used for preventing foundation problems resulting from water entering the foundation’s walls. French drains can be used near your foundation to keep water from coming in contact with the foundation wall or it can collect ground water before it travels under your concrete foundation.
    • Prevention. If you notice excess ground water near your home or in your yard early enough, then drainage correction may help you avoid extensive repair to the foundation. French drain installation is sometimes used in conjunction with  foundation repair when both heaving and settlement are occuring at different parts of the foundation.

    To learn more about French drains and other drainage correction methods, contact Structured Foundation Repairs, Inc. We specialize in drainage correction as well as foundation repair methods, including mudjacking and pier and beam installation. For more information, visit Structured Foundation Repairs online or call (972) 484-1200.

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